With over thirty years of experience in banking analytics, business intelligence, and process improvement while serving clients across the globe, author Nagendra Bharathi offers readers an opulent stream of verses and rhymes. Cleverly integrating the concepts of banking, technology, and process, he tackles the corporate setting using his skill in flawlessly weaving words together arriving to a rare and consequential poetry anthology that will pique the interest of both poetry enthusiasts and individuals of the business world.

Readers will be immersed into a pool of profound expressions emanating from the heart and mind of the author. From the nuts and bolts of business to the complications and fracas within the setting, one will revel in this invigorating collection of poems. What is more, the last section of the book, Relax, houses Bharathi’s noteworthy reflections, opinions and realizations of life and love in the hope to appease the audience seeking for lighter and brighter perspectives.

Dip into this out of the ordinary lyrical journey in Business Poems.